very 英语怎么读(英文表达自己伤心日常用语)

用英语表达“伤心,难过”除了very sad, 你还会怎么说?

5种可以代替“very sad”,表示非常沮丧,非常伤心的形容词:

Gutted /ˈɡʌtɪd/ adj. extremely disappointed and unhappy

I was gutted that I couldn't come to your wedding.

He was gutted when she finished the relationship.

Devastated /ˈdevəsteɪtɪd/ adj. 当然,除了unhappy之外,它更多用来表示“被彻底摧毁的,被毁坏的”

I've got to get a new goldfish today-the kids would be devastated if they knew the old one had died!

She was utterly devastated when her husband died.

Desolate /ˈdesələt/ adj. 除了表示“extremely sad and feeling alone”之外,也表示“荒无人烟的,荒凉的”。

Candy is desolate following her divorce.

She felt desolate when her best friend moved away.

Inconsolable /ˌɪnkənˈsoʊləbl/ adj. extremely disappointed and unhappy

Ken failed all his exams-he's inconsolable!

They were inconsolable after the death of their young son.

A broken man/woman, broken /ˈbroʊkən/ adj. 除此之外, 还有“损坏的,破碎的;衰弱的,颓丧的;间断的,不连续的”等意思。

Harry lost his job after 20 years and now he's a broken man.

用英语表达“伤心,难过”除了very sad, 你还会怎么说?


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